Welcome! An Update on Our Progress

Hello! Thank you all for taking the time to view our website. The idea for TutorNow was initially first thought up in the beginning of December. Essentially, it is a service which links students with proven, quality tutors.

As co-founders of TutorNow, we are proud to announce that the site is close to being up-and-running. We already have a healthy number of tutors, who we know through previous tutoring work and we have began our recruiting process by targeting recently graduated Year 12s. We are ensuring that our tutors are high quality by screening them by viewing their ATAR, resume and achievements. We are still looking to expand our tutor database.

We are currently attempting to build a scheduling section in our website which can both accept PAYPAL and enable scheduling for lessons with ease. This has been a difficult task but we strive to be able to complete this by the end of next week.

After fixing this scheduling issue, we should be at the final stages of building a website, with a healthy database of tutors, ready for final checking and release to public. Our strategy for attracting potential students will involve constant improvement and activity on our Facebook page, and posting advertisements in student-focused forums such as Whirlpool and Gumtree. We plan to do this in early January. If all runs smoothly, tutors should expect a steady service with many potential students by late January.

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